When the help hurts

My therapist quit yesterday.

Sure, she said she sustained a sports injury and needs to scale down her practice to heal. And of course I hope she is okay and all that.

And it is also just one more person I trusted who is suddenly gone. No warning. No time to prepare or process.

Is it even worth it to try to find another one? To open myself up to yet another stranger?

I’d laugh at this point but I’m in another bout of disbelief.

Just how many hits is one human supposed to be able to take before they cannot get back up?

Author: tigerlilyvegas

Former high school counselor, left of center, lover of grilled cheese, black coffee & IPAs. Equal affinity for turquoise water & white sands and the quiet, calm, green & wooded heaven that is western PA. Passionate about equity, justice, and requited love. And crucifying cheaters.

3 thoughts on “When the help hurts”

    1. Yes. I think that might be the key; having a recommendation. Or just having the patience and foundational mental health to try multiple ones until there’s a good fit. Trying different ones on when you’re already pretty raw and vulnerable is kind of a cosmic joke. It might just be an American health system problem. I’m not sure yet!


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